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Taunton - Wellington Road

Empowering Young Minds: Exceptional Childcare in the Heart of Taunton

Welcome to our esteemed Taunton Day Nursery and Pre-school, ideally situated on Wellington Road, designed to offer exceptional childcare solutions to families in Taunton, Wellington, and the surrounding communities. Our facility boasts a state-of-the-art, purpose-built environment tailored to nurture young minds and bodies.

Premier Childcare Facilities

Our nursery is meticulously organised into three distinct groups, each structured to reflect the unique stages of development in children from infancy through to pre-school age. This tailored approach ensures that each child receives personalised care and educational experiences that foster their individual growth:
- The Baby Room: Dedicated to infants up to 2 years old, this area is equipped with stimulating, age-appropriate toys and activities that support early developmental milestones.
- The Bouncy Room: For toddlers aged 2-3 years, this vibrant space encourages active learning and play, crucial for the development of motor skills and early social interactions.
- The Pre-school Room: Catering to children from 3 years up to school age, this group focuses on preparing our older children for the transition to formal schooling with a curriculum that promotes academic readiness and personal growth.

Expansive Outdoor Learning Environment

Our extensive outdoor area is an integral part of our daily curriculum, providing a secure and stimulating environment where children can explore and engage with the natural world. This space is designed to enhance physical development, encourage imaginative play, and support environmental awareness among all age groups.

Nutritional Excellence and Safety

Nutrition plays a key role in our care, with all meals freshly prepared on-site by our skilled nursery cook, who follows a seasonal menu to ensure variety and balance. Our kitchen operations are held to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, consistently earning a 5* rating from Environmental Health inspections.

Community and Flexibility

Although we maintain strong affiliation ties with the local college, our nursery operates independently, offering flexible childcare solutions year-round to accommodate the diverse needs of our community. This includes both full-time placements and term-time options for parents who are students, ensuring that we provide supportive, adaptable childcare that fits your family's lifestyle.

The nursery is open year-round from Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, with options to extend care from 6:00 to 7:00 PM based on demand and availability, ensuring we are here when you need us the most.

Why Choose Us?

At Taunton Day Nursery and Pre-school, we are not just a childcare facility; we are a community hub where children thrive in a nurturing, engaging and educational setting. Our dedicated team of childcare professionals is committed to creating a warm, inclusive environment where your child can grow, learn, and prepare for a successful educational journey.

Discover the difference at Taunton Day Nursery and Pre-school—where children's happiness and development are our passion. Visit us today and see how we can help your child flourish.


2-minute drive or 6-minute walk to Musgrove Park Hospital

2-minute drive or 5-minute walk to Somerset College of Arts and Technology

3-minute drive or 10-minute walk to Parkfield Primary School

Meet our Nursery Manager: Amy

Hi, I'm Amy. I have worked in childcare for over 13 years and have extensive experience both within practitioner and manager roles in school-based settings and private nurseries. I have always wanted to work with children from a young age, being able to support them as they grow and learn. After leaving school I went straight on to college to study my Level 2 and then my Level 3 in childcare. I have continued to develop my own skills by completing my level 4 qualification and am currently studying for my degree. I am enjoying managing an experienced team in this well-established nursery and look forward to welcoming you and your family for a show-round.

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