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Where children have fun, learning


We are constantly looking for ways to improve and develop our settings to maximise their potential and ensure they meet all elements of the evolving Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework. Our facilities are structured around the following age groups:


(3 months up to 2 years)

Babies have their own activity room, separate sleep room, changing area and milk kitchen. In the activity room babies learn to use their five senses, to develop co-ordination and to explore their new world and abilities. Above all, a high ratio of qualified staff give the individual attention, cuddles, reassurance, presence and continuity your baby needs to feel safe and secure.


(children aged 2 years)

As soon as children are confident on their feet they’re ready to go exploring! We encourage toddlers to continue learning about themselves, their environment and the world we live in by providing a full range of resources to support our monthly themes and activities. Here your child will learn to be creative with paint, water and sand; have fun with other children solving construction problems with building blocks; start to read with books from our library, dance, sing and play with musical instruments.


(3 to 5 years)

Our pre-school rooms are treasure troves of fun equipment and toys designed to stimulate and support the Seven Key Areas of Learning of the EYFS. Whilst most activities take place in the main Activity Room, children also roll their sleeves up in the Wet and Messy area and spend time reading, writing, drawing and using the IT area.

Kitchen and mealtimes

Our nurseries have fully-equipped kitchens, inspected by Environmental Health Officers and staffed by qualified Cooks. We cater for a range of dietary requirements, with three nutritious meals per day for children who are ready for solid food.



To help children with their toilet training we provide purpose-designed child-sized toilets, cubicles and hand basins. Staff have separate facilities.

Outdoor facilities

We’re passionate about outdoor play!

We remember when we were able to go exploring in the park, build dens and dams, fight dragons, save the world - and be back home for tea. Nowadays children don’t have the same access to outdoor facilities that we had, so we try to recreate the magic in our extensive gardens.

Here children can fill their lungs with fresh air, stretch their legs, learn about Mother Nature, watch spiders weave their webs, race each other, play tag, dig holes, make mud pies, climb things and jump in puddles.

After an afternoon spent saving the world, your child will be ready for a hot bath, a cuddle and a story and a good night’s sleep... ready for the next day’s adventures!