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Shirehampton - Grove Leaze

Explore our unique Shirehampton nursery, set in a historic farmhouse with ample space for growth. Tailored activities, expansive gardens, and a dedicated team support your child's development journey, preparing them for school and beyond.

At Mama Bear’s Day Nursery in Shirehampton, we're blessed with an abundance of space that we've transformed into a wonderland of opportunity and growth for your little ones. Our expansive gardens and grand hall are more than just areas to play—they are catalysts for your child's boundless energy and curiosity.

With the freedom to frolic in nature's embrace, our babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers enjoy an unparalleled array of activities. Each experience is meticulously crafted to expand their minds and bodies beyond the conventional confines of typical nursery settings. From sensory-rich movement activities that hone their motor skills to imaginative play that fosters balance, coordination, and problem-solving, we're invested in building the stepping stones for their confidence and resilience.

Our staff are not just caregivers; they develop potential. With vast experience and a passion for childhood development, they treat each child as a unique individual. As your child takes their initial steps into the world of learning, our educators are there to guide them, preparing them for the adventures of Reception Class and beyond.

Within the walls of our nursery, you'll find rooms brimming with toys and resources, each tailored to meet the developmental milestones of every age group. Our team's dedication to ongoing professional training means that we're always at the forefront of educational and caregiving techniques, ensuring a stimulating environment where every child can shine.

Outside, our nursery is a child's paradise with three distinct garden areas. The baby garden is a sanctuary for the youngest adventurers, while our interactive back garden, complete with a beloved secret tunnel, offers a landscape of exploration and joy. Our front garden is a canvas for creativity, where children can immerse themselves in nature, invent new games, and forge lasting friendships.

Choose Mama Bear’s Day Nursery, where space is synonymous with potential, and every day is an adventure tailored to enrich your child’s life.

This nursery is ideally placed to serve families living in and around Shirehampton, Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston, Henbury, Westbury-on-Trym, Stoke Bishop, Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle as well as (thanks to the closeness of the M5) to the South and North West of the city, including Portishead, Clevedon, Easter Compton, even Bradley Stoke. The A4 is serviced by a frequent bus service into the centre of town thanks to the Park & Ride on the Portway and we are a ten-minute walk from Shirehampton train station, which has regular services to Temple Meads.


2-minute drive or 9-minute walk from 'Shirehampton Primary School'

6-minute drive or 5-minute walk from 'Portway Park & Ride'

2-minute drive or 10-minute walk to Shirehampton Train Station


Meet our Nursery Manager: Rebecca

Hi I'm Becca. I worked my way up from an Apprentice to a Room Leader, to a Deputy Manager and to where I am now as Manager. I have 11 years’ experience working with children and even longer caring for children within my family. I have developed strong skills in supporting young children and genuinely passionate about providing the best childcare and play experiences. I enjoy getting involved with the children, especially with messy play and creative activities. I love supporting the children and being there for them, knowing that I’m making a difference. We are excited to meet you!

Mama Bear's Shirehampton - Grove Leaze
112-116 Grove Leaze
BS11 9QU

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