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Clifton - Whiteladies Road

Our Mama Bear's at Whiteladies Road operates our Flexi-care Booking System which is ideal for those with flexible shift patterns or freelance workers. Here are some of the key benefits of this:

Flexible booking arrangement

• Only pay for the care you require

• No need to book way in advance

• No tie-in to set days and sessions

• Ideal for those with flexible shift patterns or freelance workers

Demand is likely to be high for these sessions so please contact us soon to secure your place.

Mama Bear's Day Nursery and Pre-school, once the bustling Bristol Auction Rooms, has been masterfully transformed into a vibrant haven for young learners, from inquisitive babies to spirited pre-schoolers, right at the heart of Clifton on the corner of Whiteladies Road and Apsley Road.

With its rich history, the expansive open-plan legacy of the auction house now breathes life into beautifully segmented rooms, each a treasure trove of discovery and joy. This meticulous redesign is dedicated to fostering a nurturing atmosphere where each child embarks on a journey filled with playful education and wholesome fun.

Security is paramount, and our exterior play spaces are a testament to this. Enclosed, watched over, yet bursting with the spirit of adventure, these areas provide the perfect backdrop for your child’s daily explorations under the open sky. Our convenient drop-off zone directly off Apsley Road is more than a simple amenity—it’s a seamless transition from your busy world to our comforting sanctuary.

Strategically situated for commuting parents, our nursery is a cornerstone of convenience and excellence. Stepping inside, you'll find our rooms are not just spacious but are thoughtfully designed extensions of your child’s imagination, where every corner is an opportunity for growth, movement, and expression.

Beyond the doors, our expansive garden is not just an area to play—it's a landscape of limitless possibilities. Here, children are free to channel their boundless energy, whether it’s through soaring on swings, crafting castles in the sandpit, or chasing after new friendships.

At Mama Bear's, we create a home away from home, a place where the balance between a cozy embrace and the stimulation of a rich learning environment is struck with heartfelt precision. We welcome you to be a part of this nurturing community, where your child’s early years are filled with the warmth of care, the thrill of learning, and the freedom to thrive.

Getting to the nursery could not be easier with key transport links into the centre of Bristol on the doorstep. Whiteladies Road is a trunk route for the bus services in Bristol and Clifton Down train station is only a 8-minute walk away for parents who commute to Temple Meads or Bath.

We want to support working families as much as we can. Our opening hours are from 7.30am – 6.00pm to fit around the working day (depending on staff availability this can be extended to a longer day 7.00am - 6.30pm). We also offer half day sessions and funded places.

The nursery has been completely redesigned to be open, light and child friendly, whilst retaining original features and character.





Here are some recent parent testimonials for this setting:

  • "My son has attended this nursery since he was 9-months-old. He is now coming to the end of preschool. He has absolutely loved his time at Mama Bear's. He has made lots of friends and has forged close relationships with the staff. The care and enthusiasm of the staff is second to none. I do not need 
  • to worry when he is here, as I know he is being well-loved and taken care of. They now offer a flexi-care booking system which is great for working parents. Not many nurseries offer this facility."


  • "Excellent individual care for children. Both of my children have been here since they were babies and we have been very happy with the care they have received. The flexible booking system is fantastic for working parents- pretty much the only one I know of that understands the challenges of full time 
  • working parents. Both of my girls love the staff and the oldest will be very sad to leave next month."

Meet our Nursery Manager: Natalie

At Mama Bear’s Whiteladies Road we believe that each child is unique, and we aim to cater for every child individually in terms of their needs and development. We do this through our highly trained staff creating strong bonds with the child and their families. These positive relationships allow the child to be fully nurtured and to encourage self-confidence, self- esteem, positive image and identity. Children develop life skills and form friendships through daily activities and a strong key person system, enabling them to thrive as confident and capable learners. Our nursery rooms are specifically designed by age ranges with the nursery being converted from an old church building. Each area has been designed to be a light, spacious and a stimulating environment. All play spaces have individually selected resources that are changed and rotated to follow children’s interest and needs. The nursery uses the EYFS development matters framework as a guide for its planning covering the seven areas of learning outlined within the EYFS. Equally, if not more so, importantly it places each child at the centre of their individual learning journey. We actively encourage children to make choices and aim to provide children with ample opportunities to explore and learn through play. The nursery is always looking to provide all children with real life experiences where possible. Alongside the seven areas of learning the children have the opportunity, due to the diverse expertise of our staff team, to take part in specific cooking activities in our designated cooking room, learn different languages from the staff based in the preschool room and also taking frequent trips to explore the natural outdoor space up on Clifton Down. We aim to provide a stimulating and safe environment for your child to thrive in and most importantly enjoy their early care and education, so it sets a stepping stone for their future.