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Well done Coronation Road!

Well done to our Coronation Road nursery for receiving this lovely feedback from Oliver's parents:

"We just wanted to send you some feedback with the utmost praise for your staff at Coronation Road.

Our son has had quite a few trials and tribulations over the last 8 months, the latest being when he recently broke his arm. We took him into nursery fully aware that dealing with a 2 year old with a cast on wouldn’t be the easiest and your staff have been incredible. We can happily leave him knowing that he is getting the greatest of care despite his injury.

Amy (Brown), Donna, Leanne and all of the team in bouncies have made adjustments to cater for Oliver through what has been a very trying time and we would like you to know how much we appreciate all that they have done for us as a family.

In this day and age people are very quick to criticize but we feel that those that go above and beyond should also be mentioned too."