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Exciting new changes for Coronation Road!

We are planning some exciting changes at Coronation Road as from September 2017 we will be having a new pre-school on site!  This means that children can stay with us throughout their early years education up to four years old; unlike before when they would have to transfer to our sister site at Downend Road when they turned three. This is in preparation for the doubling of the Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) from 570 to 1,140 hours a year and the anticipated increase in demand for local places.

To achieve this, we are giving up half of the car park to extend the garden. This will create an exciting new outdoor area for the children to enjoy and develop their skills. The new garden will have an all-weather soft, safe surface and incorporate new resources. The garden to the rear will remain as a quiet, reflective area, whilst the existing front garden will become our new baby garden. This will remain a discrete quieter area, separate from the main new garden. All children will still be kept in age specific groups and benefit from tailored activities to suit their needs.

Works are planned to start in the middle April and should be finished by the middle of May. There should not be any disruption to the nursery or the children, who will be able to start enjoying the new facilities immediately. We believe this is a welcome development and one which gives better continuity of care for children. If you have any questions, please call Amy or Leanne at the nursery on 0117 956 5893.